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Jon - Prostate Cancer

Jon - Prostate Cancer

Jon is a prostate-cancer survivor who, when first diagnosed, panicked a little at the thought of surgery! Read our 5 Questions with Jon!

What will you remember most from your treatments at SCCA Proton Therapy Center?

Honestly, the front office group and the radiation techs, since I interacted with them every day! I enjoyed telling my stories to Diane and Sharon every morning. Because of my schedule, I arrived at 7:15 for a 8:00 appointment. They were great listeners and had good comments. My group of techs, Clif, Nicole, Ken and Scott, picked up on my schtick very fast and this made my treatment fun. I actually looked forward to interacting with them so much I would forget why I was there!

What do you tell your friends about proton therapy?

I tell my friends that the process is remarkably easy and I definitely recommend proton therapy for prostate cancer. I did not experience the other options, of course, but I have talked to patients and their families. Proton therapy was right for me.

How did you find out about proton therapy?

My family physician steered me towards proton therapy. He was on vacation when I was diagnosed, so I kind of panicked. The recommended surgery made me real nervous. I flew to Sloan- Kettering, met with them, discussed my options, went home in a fright, and then met my GP when he was back. He and his family have treated me since birth. Dr. McNaughton advised me that if he, himself, had prostate cancer, he would want proton therapy. That was good enough for me! Then I met Dr. Laramore and he showed me what he would do on a little piece of paper. I think I asked him when I could get started before he was even done!

What are your hobbies? Were you able to continue during treatment?

I am a life-long runner. Now I run about 25 miles a week, in my prime it was 50 to 60 a week. I walk with various groups in Tacoma. I volunteer at Point Defiance Park. I love to travel, and over the past fifty years I have been all over the world. And I still have the passion for travel! Proton therapy put the damper on travel, but other than the time it took, there were no restrictions. After the third week I increased my running mileage and it made me sleep better.

Jon in Germany in 2014.

Tell us something surprising about you!

I am a medieval history nut. From grammar school to college, they always referred to that period as the dark ages. I discovered a magical 1,000 years of beauty and substance! Imagine a kingdom with a Roman Catholic King, his knights are Roman Catholic, his foot soldiers are Saracen – whom we now call Arab Muslims – his administrators are Arab Muslims and Byzantine Orthodox Catholics! This kingdom had a synergy of all these groups and it really worked: The Kingdom of the Two Sicilys!