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Gabe - Childhood Cancer

Gabe - Childhood Cancer

Gabe is a very active 15-year-old who's recently set records in go-kart racing. He's also appeared in the Seattle Times and now shares his answers to our 5 Questions with us. Read more about Gabe!

How did you feel while going through proton therapy? What was your experience like?

At first I was very nervous, but the staff really took a lot of time to make sure I was always comfortable. I was never rushed to get right into the machine and get done. Having cancer was scary, but the people at the proton center were so kind, funny, and supportive that it made me not think of cancer

Were you able to do fun things while going through treatment here? What did you do?

Yes we did a lot of fun things. We went to the Boeing museum, the Ferrari dealership, a lot of sightseeing, dinner on the top of the Space Needle... and I and spent a lot of time with family.

What are you doing for fun now? Are you able to do the things you used to do?

For my whole life I wanted to be a professional race car driver. Getting cancer stopped me from being able to race go-karts, which is the beginning point for most racers. I am so happy that I am now able to race go-karts again and am very competive at a high level. I was afraid having cancer and radiation treatment was going to take away my dream. 

Is there anything you’d like to tell your care team?

I would want to say thank you for helping me get through brain cancer so that now I am able to follow my dreams. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

Whats your wish for the future.

I will be the six-time Formula 1 world champion and help other kids with cancer. I will show people that nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams, not even cancer.

For more on what Gabe is doing now and updates on his racing career, check out his website

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