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Dan - Prostate Cancer

Dan - Prostate Cancer

Dan is an accomplished baseball player and an avid Mariners and Diamondbacks fan. At age 70, he’s still playing baseball in a league — the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League. In fact, this past fall, they placed second in the 70+ division, and third in the 65+ division at the national tournament in Florida, where more than 300 teams participated. Dan is glad he was able to go, because he’d almost canceled the trip due to his prostate cancer diagnosis.

After a visit to his primary care physician, Dan learned his PSA numbers were rising, so his primary care physician recommended a biopsy. The results showed that he had cancer. With his daughter’s wedding imminent, and his large extended family excited to visit, he and his wife of more than 40 years, Bev, held off on telling everyone.

Dan talked to his long-time physician friend, who immediately recommended that he head to Seattle for treatment with proton therapy. When he talked to his baseball friends who’d also had prostate cancer, they agreed with the suggestion — two of them had had proton therapy for prostate cancer themselves. Dan did his research before opting to meet Dr. Jonathan Chen for a consultation.

“I knew I could trust my doctor friend, and hearing from my fellow baseballers, as well as the knowledgeable information I received from Dr. Chen and the nurses, I decided proton therapy was the right choice,” says Dan. “I wouldn’t hesitate at all to tell other potential patients that this is the way to go. I still recommend doing research as soon as you’re diagnosed. Just be careful — not everything on the internet is legitimate.”

Dan drove up from Tacoma every day for treatment. Except for a few hiccups the first week, it was a breeze. Although he’s retired from his own construction business, he still does many jobs for loyal customers. Receiving his proton therapy in the mornings allowed Dan to get back to Tacoma without traffic and work on projects in the afternoons. Although the drive was long, treatment was usually done in 15 minutes, and he says he felt fine the entire time.

Now that he has completed his treatment, Dan has plans to go back to his baseball lifestyle. He’ll be coaching the local high school teams, just as he has for more than 15 years. And when the league starts up again, he’ll be playing. He also has plans to see his extended family again at another upcoming wedding, when his son gets married this March. This time, he’ll be able to share the good news that he “shut out” prostate cancer.