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Carl - Prostate Cancer

Carl - Prostate Cancer

Meet Carl, a Tacoma resident who was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past September. Despite being told by his urologist “your insurance won't cover proton therapy,” he wasn’t discouraged. He reached out anyway, and his insurance approved him! Read our questions with Carl.

How did you discover you had cancer?

My primary care doctor, Jill Nicholson, had been monitoring my PSA levels for about a year before she suggested a biopsy. It turned out I had prostate cancer. After I was informed of this shocking and intimidating news by my urologist, I was able to gather myself enough to ask him, “What should I do about it? What's next?” He suggested Robotic Surgery.

How did you find out about proton therapy?

I was listening to Pandora one day (while my decision on how to handle this hung in the balance), and I heard a commercial about proton therapy. So I made the call. The Center is a wonderful place: so much compassion, and genuine concern for the patients. Absolutely amazing people.

What will you remember most from your treatments at SCCA Proton Therapy Center?

I will always remember the people, because of their kindness, warm feeling of welcome, compassion, and how detailed and precise they were in explaining everything. But most of all, I will remember Dr. Rengan.

Words can't describe how great he is to me. He helped me understand everything with calmness.  He spoke to me and made me feel truly relaxed, at ease. After that, I was fine, and no longer afraid.

What is your prognosis and current health today?

I'm feeling fine. I'll have my PSA levels checked soon, and they will be back to normal. I cut red meat out of my diet by 95%, though I still like a good burger once in a while. No hard alcohol, just a beer here and there. Little dairy and more fruits and veggies, nuts, chicken and fish.

What are your hobbies? Were you able to continue during treatment?

I walk my dog 2-3 times a day. I still cook my amazing dishes and I read and play XBox. I like to go places and do things, though nothing too strenuous! I'm feeling fine, little side effects. I would highly recommend the SCCA Proton Therapy Center. I feel truly blessed that I was cared for there.