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Bob - Prostate Cancer

Bob - Prostate Cancer

Bob has been a bowler all his life, and was even a bowling champion. He bowled on the PBA Senior Tour and participated in a finals game that was televised on ESPN. Plus, he is a member of the Seattle Bowling Hall of Fame! So he was in good physical shape when he learned of his prostate cancer diagnosis at age 75.

Bob had been watching his PSA since 2004. It had been rising slowly, with leaps every few years. Every time his score increased, his doctor did a biopsy, but they found no cancer until 2017. His doctor found cancer in only one of the 16 samples they took, but it was aggressive, and recommended he make a treatment decision soon.

“I had been waiting all this time, knowing it was probably going to happen someday. My first thought was that I was going to die soon,” says Bob. So he decided to take charge of his cancer treatment. “I began looking at options. I was worried about my kids and grandkids, so I went online to research alternative treatments to surgery. I looked at everything - radioactive seeds, conventional radiation delivered with X-rays, and proton therapy. I called all of them.”

Although his urologist at first recommended surgery, Bob thought proton therapy would be the way to go. He met with Dr. Laramore and the team at SCCA Proton Therapy. “Everyone I talked to at the Center was very supportive and was sure I could have a good outcome,” says Bob. “When I got back to my home in Central Point, Oregon, I made an appointment at my urologist and told him my plans. He stunned me by saying that, given my four biopsies, and my active lifestyle, proton therapy was probably my best choice. Proton therapy would be less debilitating and have a quicker recovery time.” Bob’s diligence had paid off.

In November 2017, Bob began proton therapy. He was extremely pleased with the “first-class” staff, and the treatment was easier than he had expected. “Two years after treatment, I had my PSA checked again, and it is holding steady at .09. And no cancer.”

During treatment, Bob stayed busy in Seattle. He knows the city well, as he was born and raised in Ballard. He still has friends here in the bowling world. He went to the lanes and subbed in a few bowling leagues. He even entered a tournament in Kenmore - the Seattle Senior Masters - and finished fourth in the 60-and-over Division and second in the 70-and-over Division.

Bob’s last treatment day coincided with his proton therapy graduation. Upon completing his treatment, he received a challenge coin – number 1794 – and a certificate. He was very proud of himself.

“If I could have done anything differently,” says Bob, “it would have been to have treatments in the summer. Summers in Seattle are beautiful, but winters aren’t so much. But your health is your health; you can’t let the seasons determine your fate. I absolutely recommend SCCA Proton Therapy Center and the caring staff; they are the best.”