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August 10, 2020 • The Seattle Times

‘The doubleheader of cancer’: Ex-Mariners trainer Rick Griffin and wife Rachel move forward after both overcame disease

When longtime Mariners trainer Rick Griffin completed his final treatment for prostate cancer in late June, he received a commemorative coin from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center. It has a prominent place of honor on his desk.

For 35 years as the Mariners’ head athletic trainer, Griffin was the one tending to the health concerns of Seattle players, from legends to journeymen. Then in 2017, it was Griffin who suddenly was the one being cared for. 

March 24, 2020 • Anchorage Press

Proton therapy: After two battles with breast cancer, Anchorage judge had to fight in court to get more precise and less destructive form of radiation treatment

The good news about radiation therapy is that it works. Unfortunately, traditional therapy doesn’t just nuke the cancer, it damages the organs in the proximity of the tumor, as well. In the case of breast cancer, that means potentially damaging two of the body’s most critical organs — the heart and the lungs.

That was of particular concern to Janel Wright — an Anchorage resident of 32 years, who by day is a judge deciding workers compensation cases — when her breast cancer returned after five years of remission in 2017. This made Wright a near ideal candidate for proton therapy.