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Suzanne - Breast Cancer Recurrence

Suzanne - Breast Cancer Recurrence

Suzanne chose proton therapy for a recurrence of her breast cancer. She recalls meeting with Dr. Fang: "'She said, 'Of course we can do this. Proton therapy will allow us to best minimize the amount of overlap with your prior radiation.' I was so, so happy to hear that."

Randy - Prostate Cancer

Randy - Prostate Cancer

After a routine physical revealed that he had elevated PSA levels, Randy was shocked to discover he had prostate cancer. “That phone call from my urologist was tough!” says Randy. “My dad had prostate cancer at 75. My PSA had been trending up a bit, but I figured I had another 20 years before I had to deal with it. It is very concerning to hear that you have cancer!” Learn what steps Randy took next.

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