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Tlingit Tribe Visits SCCA Proton Therapy Center

Tlingit Tribe Visits SCCA Proton Therapy Center

Last month the SCCA Proton Therapy Center was honored to have members of the Tlingit tribe join its graduation luncheon for patients who have completed treatment. In celebration of a fellow tribe member who was graduating, the group performed several dances while singing in their native language.

During the special dance ceremony, the Center’s lobby was filled with excitement. Audience members learned many interesting facts about the tribe and had the opportunity to see the Tlingit’s ceremonial customs up close. The tribe blessed the Proton Therapy Center and several members of our staff were honored for their work by having colorful sacred blankets placed on their shoulders. 

The Tlingit tribal dance was an inspirational addition to the Center’s graduation ceremony. We hope you will join us in reflection of this special milestone for our patients and their families and enjoy a few photos from the ceremony on our Facebook page.