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Vandela Morales - Patient Care Coordinator

Vandela Morales - Patient Care Coordinator

We are pleased to introduce you to one of our newest patient care coordinators, Vandela Morales.

Vandela is a recent Seattle University graduate with a degree in kinesiology — the study of human movement for injury recovery and well-being — and psychology.

“I’m very interested in the patient mindset, which I’ve found plays a big role in recovery from surgery, both physically and mentally. I think studying psychology may aid me in being a more patient-care-centered physician down the road,” Vandela says of her studies.

Vandela grew up in a small town in southern California called Camarillo, surrounded by her large, close-knit family. “They’re a big, hardworking and warm-hearted group of people,” she says. “I find them very encouraging, but I also feel a lot of responsibility to pave my road individually and search for other resources and connections for my future.”

From a young age, Vandela wanted to practice medicine. She also wants to find ways to aid marginalized and underserved groups and expand the scope of medical practices in those communities. She joined the SCCA Proton Therapy Center to continue her career in medicine and to expose herself to patient-centered care. In the future, Vandela wants to pursue a career in orthopedics because, she says, “the physicality and hands-on treatment of the specialty piques my interest.”

“In my free time, I love to be outdoors, spend quality time with friends, try new foods and listen to podcasts,” she says. “Since moving to Seattle, I have found so many cute new parks and places to hike — a nice change for a beach girl!” One of her goals is to travel to Spain to admire its architecture, museums and many historical places.

Vandela also played women’s rugby in college. “I love the sport for its workout and the strategies involved, as well as the close-knit team environment,” she says. It’s a strength that is sure to serve her well with her new teammates at the Center.