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5 Questions with Tanya Sanchez

5 Questions with Tanya Sanchez

Meet Tanya, our Nurse Manager. She joined the team recently, coming from sunny Miami, where she was Director of Nursing at South Miami Hospital. Read our 5 Questions with Tanya. 

How did you end up in your career?

I always wanted to be a nurse. I’m naturally a very altruistic person and really enjoy caring for people, and so it was the perfect fit. My professional growth has also been very organic, almost like it was meant to be, and so sometimes I think that it was fate. I became a nurse because I don’t see it as work.

What do you think is special about proton therapy?

Cancer is a terrible disease already, so any treatment modality that offers to attack the disease with minimal damage to surrounding tissue is pretty incredible. I’ve been working in the oncology world long enough to see patients who sometimes return with new disease, or with residual effects caused by a radiation therapy, so I am incredibly excited to learn and promote proton therapy.

Whom do you look up to, and why?

I have so many people I look up to for so many different reasons. I have had some incredible mentors throughout my career. I look up to our patients and their families for being strong and positive through this awful disease. I look up to my peers for a job well done and for continuing to want to improve and make healthcare better. And finally I look up to my staff, for coming to work every day and providing the great care that they do. 

Tell us something surprising about you!

I am an avid bird watcher!

What’s your favorite vacation destination?

I don’t think I have travelled enough to pick a favorite place, but anything that offers vast nature scenes, bird watching, and hiking are top rated for me. My hobbies, not surprisingly, include bird watching, hiking, and gardening.