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Meet Dosimetrist Kristin Ferguson

Meet Dosimetrist Kristin Ferguson

Kristin recently joined our Dosimetry team at the Center. Dosimetrists calculate beam angles and plan radiation dose fields per the doctor’s prescription. Though not patient-facing, it’s a very important aspect of cancer care. Kristin currently works mostly on prostate cancer treatment plans, but will eventually work on all types of cancer plans.

Kristin moved to Washington from rural Texas with her boyfriend of many years, Jason, and her dogs Tucker and Beau. “I have only been in Washington for a couple months, and I love it. I love to hike, camp, snowboard, and explore, so I cannot wait to see what Washington and the Northwest has to offer,” she says.

Before she joined the Center, Kristin spent ten years working in healthcare, first in the ER as a radiologic technologist, then as a radiation therapist at the Texas Center for Proton Therapy. “I went back to school to become a medical dosimetrist, because I wanted to stay with protons. I prefer the particle interactions compared to photons (X-rays,)” she says. “And I love being a part of someone’s cancer experience. It can be a rough road for sure, and I enjoy being a part of making it a little easier.”

For fun, Kristin and Jason love to travel and explore. She had trouble picking just a few of her favorite places, but New Zealand definitely made the list. Another favorite has been hiking around Havasupai, Arizona, where the water is a bright, clear aqua color! Once a year, Jason and Kristin try to go to Mexico for a relaxing vacation as well.

“And I enjoy listening to audiobooks,” adds Kristin. “I try to keep up with Reese Witherspoon’s book club, but have also found that I really enjoy biographies. I’ve read/listened to some fun ones like Betty White, Anna Kendrick, and the Kennedys. Most recently I’ve started Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘My Own Words.’”


Kristin and Jason at Antelope Canyon, New York and Mexico!