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What our Concierge Services has to Offer

What our Concierge Services has to Offer

At SCCA Proton Therapy, we strive to make every visit as stress-free and comfortable as possible for our patients and their families. One way we do this is through our exceptional Patient Services Concierge team, which provides patients with a variety of resources and services.

“From the first moment, our goal is to make you feel warm, welcome, engaged, and part of our Center family,” says Jo Vance, a Concierge team member. “Our desk is the first thing patients see when they walk through our doors. Many patients may be feeling anxious, so we strive to give them a warm greeting and help them feel calmer about their experience.”

When patients enter, they notice that the lobby doesn’t look or feel like a typical clinic or hospital. The waiting area has an open layout and is filled with natural light and has a cozy fireplace. Patients and families can grab a refreshing drink from our free beverage bar and relax in a comfy sofa or chair.  

Besides welcoming people in, the Concierge team also acts as a liaison between the patient and different departments. SCCA Proton Therapy Center offers an onsite oncology social worker who can assist with questions regarding support services, and a financial counselor that can answer questions regarding insurance. The Concierge team are able to direct any questions or concerns to the appropriate people, including nursing and scheduling. They are also a good resource for local amenities and restaurants.

For families with children we have a fun play area. Its’ used both by patients who bring their children with them, or children who are patients themselves. They have an awesome place to feel like a kid.

“As concierges, we are very engaged with the families and children that come through,” says Diane Mirante, Concierge team member. “It gives the parents a little chance to breathe. We engage quite a bit with the families, which makes the whole experience more healing.”

Our Center offers many activities for patients and their families to network with one another, share stories, and better understand how the Center operates. These include tours, meet-and-greets, and support groups with guest speakers, to name a few.

Part of making our patients feel like they’re part of the Center family means celebrating with them when they’ve reached treatment completion. We do this through a graduation ceremony where patients receive a diploma and a challenge coin. Their physicians and Care Team attend whenever possible and patients may share a few words about their experiences if they wish.

“The end of treatment celebration and graduation is such a proud day for our patients,” says Diane. “They get the opportunity to stand up and speak a little bit about their story. It’s a great moment to celebrate what they’ve accomplished.”

“The patients are able to teach us so much,” says Maddy Petrowski, a Concierge team member. “They’re going through some of the hardest times of their lives and they still face it with strength and bravery, and it’s so inspiring to see. They have influenced our lives just as much as we try to influence theirs.”