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PCORI Announces $11.8M Award for Proton Study

PCORI Announces $11.8M Award for Proton Study

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Board of Governors recently approved more than $58.5 million to fund five clinical studies that focus on radiation therapy for breast cancer, fractures in older adults, and treatments for children with bipolar disorder and Crohn’s disease.

PCORI is an independent, nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make informed healthcare decisions by providing high-integrity, evidence-based information from research studies guided by patients, caregivers, and the broader healthcare community.

PCORI allocated $11.8M of this funding towards a study that will provide patients and physicians the long-awaited answers to many critical questions relating to breast cancer control and survival. This will be the first clinical trial designed to compare the effectiveness of proton beam therapy versus conventional photon radiation therapy in treating certain breast cancers and minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. 

The Radiotherapy Comparative Effectiveness (RADCOMP) Consortium will conduct a randomized clinical trial with 1,716 patients with stage II and III breast cancer. The patients will be followed to assess variances in heart problems, long-term cancer control, and health-related quality of life after treatment.  The RADCOMP Consortium consists of professional radiation associations, patient advocacy groups, and 20 different academic and community practice radiation therapy centers.