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Meet Aja Schoppmann - Radiation Therapist

Meet Aja Schoppmann - Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapist Aja Schoppmann grew up in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, about 15 minutes from the Twin Cities. Aja took a course in nursing assistance at age 16 and became interested in the medical field. After studying biology and becoming a phlebotomist, Schoppmann wanted to find a career that incorporated her love for technology as well as patient care. When she came across radiation therapy, she knew it was the right fit for her, and she went on to study radiation therapy at St. Catherine University.

Schoppmann joined the Proton Therapy Center about three months ago after spending some time in photon (conventional radiation) therapy. At the Center, Schoppmann frequently works with SCCA’s childhood cancer patients. “Working with kids can be a lot more involved,” she says. “Although we do with all patients, with children, we really try to go that extra mile to form personal connections, to alleviate their anxiety, to help lighten the situation a bit. It’s really rewarding to be part of their treatment and a better future.” 

She has especially enjoyed one three-year-old patient who will run up to her for hugs and who takes her hand to show her his toys. “He’s brought so much light to my work,” she says.

Schoppmann loves how closely the group of radiation therapists here work together, how welcoming, and inclusive they are, and how they always support each other.

“I’m so glad I found the Proton Therapy Center,” she says. “I like knowing that my work is damaging less tissue and that the side effects aren’t as bad for most patients.”

When she’s not at work, Schoppmann and her boyfriend, Kohl, love to kayak and hike, especially to Colchuck Lake and Dog Mountain. She is a big fitness fan who enjoys working out and playing pickle ball. She looks up to her mother, a hard worker with a good work ethic. “I’ve always admired how she pushes herself, never complains and is such a giver. I strive to emulate that,” she says.

Schoppmann and her boyfriend at Colchuck Lake.

Schoppmann and her mother in Hawaii.

Our team always enjoys feedback on their work. If you have any shout-outs or comments, please let us know via info@seattleprotons.org. We love to hear from our patients!