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Promising new study explores FLASH Proton Therapy

Promising new study explores FLASH Proton Therapy

A lot of people are talking about a new way to deliver radiation, where a large dose of radiation is given in a split second, instead of over several minutes. It’s called FLASH radiotherapy and the goal is to do a better job of killing cancer cells while sparing normal tissues. We might also be able to treat cancers in one treatment instead of daily over several weeks. One study that looked at FLASH radiation with proton therapy can be found here, however, to explain the study a bit better, our Associate Medical Director, Dr. Jing Zeng, recently talked to UW Medicine about the implications of FLASH proton radiotherapy here.

“FLASH seems to behave differentially for good cells and bad cells, and that’s not something we’ve seen before. It could be a true paradigm change for cancer treatment,” said Zeng. “If FLASH enables us to give more radiation and not cause side effects, we could theoretically give a lot more, and likely do a better job of killing tumor cells.” Although still in its infancy stages of research, the excitement generated by this study means we might see FLASH available to cancer patients in the future. In the meantime, doctors are constantly improving on the therapies currently available, including proton therapy.