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Read our Covid-19 policy

Center Updates on COVID-19

Center Updates on COVID-19

Dear Patients & Visitors,
As many of you are aware, there is growing concern around the spread of the COVID-19 virus (commonly referred to as the “coronavirus”) in our community. The Center’s number one priority is protecting the health of our patients and staff and we continue to assess the situation and take appropriate measures to address the risks.
To prevent the spread of illness, we continue to promote good hygiene, including using hand sanitizer and washing hands frequently, practicing proper isolation procedures such as asking patients and visitors to wear masks if they have active respiratory symptoms, and sanitizing hard surfaces including treatment equipment frequently.

In addition to these practices, we wanted to make you aware of the following changes:


  • Staff will be screening all patients and visitors who enter the building for risk factors and potential symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Those that screen positive for risk factors or symptoms will be appropriately isolated and/or referred for testing.


  • In order to minimize risk of spread to staff and patients, we have also instituted a limit on the number of visitors accompanying our patients in the lobby to one caregiver/family member per patient.
  • Non-essential visitors will be asked to wait in their car.
  • Additionally, no children under the age of 12 will be allowed in the lobby, unless they are the patient.


  • The best way to avoid spread of viruses is to avoid person-to-person contact. As such, the Center has made the difficult decision to discontinue group gathers for the foreseeable future. These gatherings include our weekly graduations and monthly support groups. We know these are an important resource for our patients and are saddened to have to postpone, however, the safety of our patients is our top priority and believe this to be a prudent step.

We appreciate your understanding around these changes.
Should you have questions or concerns about the Center’s approach to the virus, please contact Lindsay Knapp at: lindsay.knapp@seattleprotons.org.

Annika Andrews
President & CEO