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Connecting with China and Seattle's Chinese Population

Connecting with China and Seattle's Chinese Population

Last year, SCCA Proton Therapy Center’s medical director, Dr. Ramesh Rengan, presented at the 3rd Sino-US Hospital Leadership Symposium in Beijing to discuss healthcare innovation and precision medicine. China suffers from high rates of lung and head-and-neck cancers, both of which can be treated with proton therapy. The Chinese government has an interest in building nine proton therapy centers throughout the country by 2020. Meanwhile, many patients seek proton therapy elsewhere, including at SCCA Proton Therapy Center. Dr. Rengan’s outreach in Beijing is helping patients become aware of treatment solutions in Seattle.

Jenny Han of The Epoch Times* recently interviewed Dr. Rengan to discuss proton therapy for a Chinese audience. The Seattle area’s population is 4% Chinese, many with connections to the land of their ancestry.

There are now more than 20 proton therapy centers in the United States and more than 100,000 patients around the world who have been treated with proton beam therapy. “The ideal cancer treatment is to kill all cancer cells without harming the healthy ones. This is truly the best situation,” said Dr. Rengan. Proton beam therapy allows doctors to focus radiation directly into the tumor, reducing excess radiation to healthy tissues and organs.

According to Dr. Rengan, there are several cancers that are often associated with proton beam therapy: childhood cancers (or malignancies), prostate cancer, cancer of the head and neck, breast cancer, and brain and spinal cord tumors. Why? Dr. Rengan stated, “Proton therapy is more accurate in locating tumor lesions and reducing short-term and long-term adverse effects. It has proven to be effective in both adults and children.”

To read the whole article, please visit https://www.sccaprotontherapy.com/proton-therapy/what-is-it.

*Please note that the original article is in Chinese.