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Jesse Jones Fights For Patient

Jesse Jones Fights For Patient

Every day we meet inspiring individuals who are fighting cancer.

Meet Ronnie Castro, a Seattle resident who is in the middle of a fight. He was recently featured on KIRO 7 News with Jesse Jones, with an unfortunate setback many cancer patients face on a daily basis.

Ronnie has brain cancer. And while surgery removed most of the tumor, the rest is located near his brain stem and is deemed inoperable. His doctors recommended proton beam therapy to kill the rest of it.

The problem?

His insurance company denied his claim, calling proton beam therapy “experimental.” Ronnie’s third appeal was an independent review, required by Washington state law and performed by a doctor. The independent group upheld Ronnie’s insurance company.

Ronnie decided to get proton therapy anyway. His friends and family started a Give Forward page and raised enough money to cover the expenses. And when Ronnie got better, he hired an attorney to fight his insurance company, on behalf of future proton therapy candidates.

Ronnie is still waiting to hear from his insurance company, but in the meantime we support him and hope to spread his message. 

Jesse Jones from KIRO 7 News takes on Insurance for Proton Therapy Patient Ronnie Castro.