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Meet Carly Ferguson, RTT

Meet Carly Ferguson, RTT

Carly is one of our dedicated radiation therapists. In fact, she is one of the therapists who treated Librada (this month’s survivor story feature).

She hails from a Wisconsin, where she grew up on a hobby farm with horses, pigs, cats, dogs. Summers are scorching and winters are bone-chilling cold, but in her youth, she spent a lot of time outdoors, horseback riding, camping and swimming in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter. 

Carly came to work at the Proton Center right after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. She knew she wanted to be in healthcare but didn’t know what field, until she shadowed a radiation therapist when she was in high school and fell in love with the profession.

 “It’s the mix of technology and precision with high-quality patient care,” she says. During college, she worked as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home, and she did her internship at a hospital in Milwaukee.

“I had heard about proton therapy in school, and early on in my schooling I wanted to eventually work at a proton center, preferably outside the Midwest to experience something new,” says Carly. “When I saw the opening at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center, it felt like it was meant to be! I had never even been to Seattle before, but I knew this was the place I wanted to stay once I got here.” 

Carly met her boyfriend, Ryan, here at the Center. You may know him: he used to be one of our fabulous concierges. For fun, Carly loves to read, watch Netflix, boat during the summer, go on hikes, and off-roading in Ryan's truck. Any time she gets to spend with family or Ryan, really makes her happy, regardless of the activity. “My last trip home involved lots of euchre – a card game,” she admits. And something that might surprise people about her – she and her two sisters raised pigs! Not only that, one year, her pig, Diesel, won Grand Champion!

Carly and her pig, Diesel.

Enjoying the great outdoors with friends.