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New Ad Campaign Highlights Stories of Patients Taking Charge of their Care

New Ad Campaign Highlights Stories of Patients Taking Charge of their Care

The health and treatment success of our patients and graduates is most important to us here at the Center. There's nothing we love more than to hear back from patients after they've completed their proton therapy.Their stories about life after cancer illuminate just how successful treatment with protons can be.

For our newest marketing campaign, these stories drive the narrative. 

"A cancer diagnosis is frightening, and patients feel powerless. In developing the campaign, we wanted to showcase SCCA Proton Therapy Center patients who took charge after their diagnosis, found proton therapy was the best option, and are thriving after their treatment," says Cameron Wicker of Copacino + Fujikado, the agency handling the Center’s creative direction. "Finding proton therapy is an 'a-ha' moment for many patients. There's no better way to demonstrate the benefits than celebrating alumni who took charge of their treatment options."

At the Center, we get to know our patients well – many have very compelling stories they were willing to share. Deborah Warren of Quinn Thomas developed the profiles on behalf of the Center. She explains the work: “The In Charge campaign was an exciting project to work on because we had the opportunity to connect with a variety of individuals with interesting personal and cancer experiences that we could bring to life with storytelling.” 

The campaign features three patients, two of whom we are featuring in this article today. Check out our August newsletter for the third patient!

Kenny is a Boeing technician who chose proton therapy for prostate cancer treatment and celebrated by cycling 3,100 miles across the country. “Kenny was very friendly and accommodating, and so outdoorsy and fun,” says Deborah about working with Kenny on the campaign, which involved survivor stories and photo and video shoots, and make-up, a first for both men!

“The whole process was exciting and a little nerve racking. I don’t usually like being the center of attention,” says Kenny. “But the make-up was fun! It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep!”

To Kenny, being able to regularly exercise and spend time outdoors was important for both his mental and physical well-being. He was worried that surgery could lead to urinary incontinence and would limit his enjoyment of cycling and overnight climbing trips. Since Kenny loves to hike, cycle and mountain climb, we decided to do the photo and video shoots in a natural setting at Seward Park, featuring Kenny doing the things he loves. 

“It was still awkward,” says Kenny. “I got a little tongue tied during the video shoot… Hopefully the end result will be acceptable!”

Garth, who is a Kent police officer and also in the campaign, adds: “Yes, it was fun but also somewhat embarrassing. Rob and Jeff made it very easy for me. My friends would be laughing if they knew I was doing a photo shoot.”

Garth chose proton therapy to treat ocular melanoma. He hadn’t even heard of melanoma of the eye before his diagnosis. As someone dedicated to his community and his family, Garth feels fortunate his proton therapy treatment plan empowered him to take charge of his body and cancer treatment. Ultimately, proton therapy turned the scariest challenge he’d ever encountered into a manageable obstacle that could be overcome with a game plan and a world-class team. So when this opportunity came along, Garth says:

“I usually try to avoid the spotlight, but this was a great way to help bring awareness to an important subject.”

“Our work with Garth made it clear that he is a dedicated family man and police officer,” Deborah remarks. “His dedication came across in this work, too.”

In this marketing campaign, we want to show that patients can take charge of their treatment. We hope that introducing cancer patients to survivors who did just that will be inspiring and hopeful. Our survivors inspire us at the Center every day.  

“I was very humbled to be asked to participate,” says Garth. “I felt like it was the least I could do to give back to the Proton Therapy Center after the excellent treatment I received. I also saw that I could help raise awareness about Ocular Melanoma.”

Kenny adds: “It was a fun experience and I’m grateful I was one of those selected to participate. They took excellent care of me during treatment. I'm a fortunate and blessed fella. Hopefully my small contribution can help others!”

"Garth and Kenny are amazing examples of how taking a proactive approach to treatment can lead to positive outcomes. Their personal stories bring that sentiment and the campaign to life," says Wicker. We very much appreciate their dedication to proton therapy and spreading the word to help other patients facing a cancer diagnosis. Please reach out to us at the Center if you have any questions or are looking for a consultation. You can reach us at info@seattleprotons.org or 206-306-2800.

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