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5 Questions with Daniel Lee

5 Questions with Daniel Lee

Daniel recently joined the IT team at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center after moving here from Baltimore with his wife, Nicole. In Baltimore, he had his first formal IT role with Dunbar Armored. He and Nicole are delighted to call the Pacific Northwest home, a place they always hoped to settle. He looks forward to doing everything he can to bring the NBA back to Seattle and to assist his colleagues in their noble pursuits. Read our 5 Questions with Daniel.

How did you end up in IT?

I bounced around jobs for a long while, but two years ago decided that I needed to commit to a career. I enjoy technology and utilizing IT as a multiplying factor for companies, so I studied hard for some certifications and got my foot in the industry.

How would you describe proton therapy to someone?

My short description would be: anti-cancer-torpedoes! Understandably, most people ask me to elaborate on that.

What do you like to do for fun? What are your hobbies?

My main hobbies are basketball, cooking and video games, but I also enjoy tinkering with technology, hiking and eating good food.

Tell us something surprising about you.

I was originally born in Pittsburgh, but growing up I’ve lived in or spent significant time in four countries and four states: USA, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Pennsylvania, Indiana, Washington, Maryland. Aside from those, I’ve been to many more countries and many states in America. Perhaps the most surprising fact is that my family was so short on time in our visit to France, we ate… McDonalds… culinary heresy!

Whom do you look up to, and why?

I don’t have a particular role model, but I look up to anybody who’s taking action to make their own or someone else’s lives better. Seeing it gives me the energy to do the same myself. In basketball, I want to be like Kevin Durant and/or Paul George!