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Jane Cho – Proton Therapy Graduate, Sarcoma Patient, Colleague

Jane Cho – Proton Therapy Graduate, Sarcoma Patient, Colleague

Jane Cho is not only one of our talented web developers, she is a sarcoma patient who was treated at the Proton Therapy Center. Her dream was to come full circle to work for the organization that helped her and her family battle cancer.

Cho was a patient at the Center in 2016. “At the time, I had an incredible oncology team vouching for me, listening to my concerns and priorities,” says Cho. “My husband and I were celebrating our one-year anniversary on the day of my second cancer surgery. We had dreams of starting a family and my doctors listened. They made proton therapy part of my plan instead of conventional radiation treatment, because protons could better spare my reproductive organs. With conventional radiaiton, my dream would have been unlikely. Now we have a healthy, strong three-and-a-half-year-old boy.” Cho went through six weeks of proton therapy and calls the Proton Therapy Center staff her biggest cheerleaders.

A Seattle native, Cho was working in pastry research and development and as a pastry chef at Macrina Bakery during her diagnosis and treatment. But afterwards, she decided to take a leap of faith and change career directions completely, with an eye on working for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. She took a course, participated in some informational interviews and was hired as a web developer.

“I cried many times when I got the offer letter and as I was starting, because that’s how much it meant to me to be a part of the organization,” says Cho. “My parents and I have been patients at Fred Hutch Cancer Center for more than 15 years. The care we received from everyone - patient care coordinators, nurses, doctors - really stood out and was exceptional, and I wanted to be a part of that. In addition to the incredible work the organization does, my colleagues are the most dedicated team and believe so deeply in the mission.”

Now Cho hopes she can also contribute to the care of other cancer patients. She was invited to participate in a Survivor Panel with Dr. Steven Pergam and Dr. Elizabeth Prescott and to share her experiences and insights with others. “You hope to encourage someone to be more proactive about their own health,” she says.

In her free time, Cho loves sharing memories with loved ones. She feels there’s always something more to learn about herself and others. And as a “water baby,” – as she calls herself - she loves going to Hawaii. “I can’t wait to take my son and hope he loves it as much as I do,” says Cho.