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Layne Chapple, ARNP

Layne Chapple, ARNP

Layne Chapple, ARNP, sees childhood cancer patients at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center. As an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), she partners with our physicians and sees patients for weekly check-ins, pre-treatment consultations and follow-up care.

Growing up in Montana, Layne knew even as a young child that she wanted to go into the medical field. She felt she would be a better doctor if she was a nurse first and decided to get her bachelor’s in nursing from Montana State University. 

In search of warmer weather, Layne and her husband Javan moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she initially worked as an RN in a neonatal intensive care unit. It was there that Layne decided the nurse practitioner route was a better fit for her. While in Albuquerque, she obtained her master’s degree in nursing through a dual degree program for family nurse practitioners/palliative care nurse practitioners. She developed a strong interest in working with children, particularly helping families through the diagnosis and complex care of potentially life-threatening illnesses. “I like supporting families and giving comfort and expertise through the ups and downs of difficult times. I learn so much about life and what is truly important from my patients and families every day,” Layne says.

Together, Layne and her friend and mentor Dr. Jeff Hanrahan started their own pediatric oncology practice in New Mexico. “He is like a big brother, and definitely someone I look up to. He taught me everything I know about pediatric oncology, including the importance of remembering that our patients are kids first, connecting with them on their level and the value of a family-centered approach to care.” 

Layne and her family moved to Seattle five years ago, when she was offered a job as an ARNP at Seattle Children's Hospital. She specialized in inpatient acute care for hematology and oncology and worked as operations medical director for the inpatient cancer care unit. This summer, Layne joined our center. “I like that the center is a destination, something we can offer that isn’t yet available everywhere,” she says. “It’s encouraging that we can get kids and adults the care that’s best for them, with the ability to limit radiation to areas outside the treatment area, reducing the risk of long-term side effects.”

Layne likes to spend her free time at the ball field. Hers is a big baseball family: Her children are fourth-generation Cubs fans. She loves watching her son play in the local leagues, and they often travel throughout the Pacific Northwest for tournaments. They love to go to Arizona for the Cubs’ spring training or to visit Wrigley Field. Layne’s favorite baseball player is Anthony Rizzo, who happens to be a childhood cancer survivor. Ask her about baseball the next time you see her at the center.

Layne also enjoys running, biking, swimming and triathlons. She’s been doing triathlons for the past 10 years — including one where she placed second while five months pregnant with her daughter!