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Share Your Stories of Healing

Share Your Stories of Healing

Every year, KEXP dedicates an entire day to share stories of how music has lifted our spirits and healed our souls in the face of cancer. This annual Music Heals event with KEXP 90.3 FM is February 13 from 6 am – 6 pm, and we’d love for you to share your stories of hope, healing, and strength – and if there is music that helped you during your treatment, we’d like to know about that, too! This day of music and stories is dedicated to those who are in any stage of their battle with cancer.

Write to stories@kexp.org for a chance to hear your story read aloud on the radio on Thursday, February 13, by DJ John Richards, DJ Cheryl Waters, DJ Kevin Cole, and others. Include songs that ground you, nourish and replenish you, or calm you. Then, listen to KEXP 90.3 FM all day.