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5 Questions with Shadonna Maes

5 Questions with Shadonna Maes

Shadonna Maes is one of our dosimetrists, which means she plans the way the proton dose is delivered to the patient. She moved here from Somerset, New Jersey where she was a Medical Dosimetrist for nearly four years at the Procure New Jersey site. She started her radiation oncology career as a radiation therapist and worked in conventional radiation therapy for about a year and a half before moving on to protons at Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute. Read our 5 Questions with Shadonna.

What interests you about proton therapy? Why did you want to work here?

I love the way we are able to control the exit dose and deliver the dose to the tumor with minimal effect to normal tissue. I hope that protons will become available to everyone in the future, but for now it is really beneficial for children and anyone with tumors really close to critical structures, such as brain tumors. I wanted to work at SCCA Proton Therapy Center because I love to be on the cutting edge of technology and working here gives me a chance to use my skills to help those in need.

How would you describe your job to someone?

I am a medical dosimetrist. I work closely with the radiation oncologist and physicist to create radiation treatment plans that deliver the prescribed dose to the tumor while preserving function of nearby normal tissues.

Tell us something surprising about you.

I’ve lived on two continents and twelve cities in my lifetime. My favorite city was Somerset, New Jersey, because it was close to New York! In Germany I really enjoyed Berlin.

Whom would you like to meet and why?

I would love to meet Barack Obama. He accomplished what most thought was impossible. He is an inspiration to me.

Tell us a good joke!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
I atemop
I atemop who?
HaHa! You just said “I ate my poo.”