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Jim - Prostate

Jim - Prostate

Jim is a wine connoisseur. A real one, as evidenced by opening his very own winery located in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country, Wash. in spring 2010. Through dedication, hard work and perseverance, Icon Cellars’ wines have won prestigious Double Gold and Platinum awards in Northwest wine competitions, and that only scratches the surface of Jim’s accomplishments. For more than 23 years, he also worked in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech sector, wearing many different hats in the medical and scientific fields. No matter the job or the task, Jim faces all challenges heads on. This mindset came in handy when learning about his prostate cancer diagnosis four years ago.

Jim’s story starts back in 2013 when an annual physical revealed that his PSA levels were rising. Often an indicator of prostate cancer, his doctors decided to schedule yearly visits to closely monitor the numbers. Continuing to note the increase, Jim was referred to an urologist who performed a biopsy and discovered that he did in fact have prostate cancer. Their recommendation? Removing the prostate. “To be honest, I was not a fan of this suggestion,” said Jim. “Having worked in the medical field myself, I knew this was not my only option. That’s when I began doing my research.”

After countless hours, Jim needed time to process the information he'd learned to ensure he would receive the best possible care moving forward. He explained, “I spoke with a few doctors and they all made it seem like removing the prostate was my only option -- that is, until I spoke with a friend at Loma Linda University in California.” Jim continued. “He mentioned that an alternative was proton beam therapy. The rest is history.” 

It wasn’t long until Jim had his consultation with Dr. Ramesh Rengan at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) Proton Therapy Center. From the initial greeting to discussing his diagnosis, Jim was confident that he had made the right decision for both him and his cancer. “I cannot say enough positive things about the SCCA Proton Therapy Center,” Jim explained. “The positive support and the way you’re treated is the best I’ve ever experienced in the medical field.” Being the determined man he is, Jim faced his monthly hormone deprivation shots and 44 doses of protons like a pro, keeping his head up and his spirits high.

Since receiving proton therapy, Jim has continued doing what he loves: working at Icon Cellars and sipping on delicious wines. His PSA levels will be re-evaluated in March 2018 and he will take his last hormone shot the following month.

His recommendation to others facing cancer? “Based on myself and speaking with others who have experienced other forms of radiation therapy, I am confident when saying that protons are the way to go. Not only do protons provide peace of mind, but they also have a positive impact on how patients think about their future.”