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Jamale Thompson - GI Cancer

Jamale Thompson - GI Cancer

Jamale Thompson is a woman of hope, strength and love. As a Youth Sunday School teacher and mother to her 25-year-old son, she’s based her entire life on serving others and giving back to the community.

At a young age, Jamale was diagnosed with Lupus, which led her to learn more about her body and how to take care of her health. For a while, everything was going well. Then she began experiencing pain in her stomach.

“I remember experiencing intense pains to the point where I was visiting the ER every other weekend. The doctors never found anything, but I knew something was wrong,” said Jamale. “I made an appointment with a gastroenterologist who performed both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. That’s when he told me that the issue actually wasn’t with my stomach, but with my throat.” In October 2016 she discovered that she had Esophageal Cancer.

After reviewing all of her options with the specialist, she knew she needed some time to process the information. As an advocate for her body, she wanted to weigh all of her options and make sure she was receiving the best care possible. That’s when she heard about the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center.

“I was in my car preparing to leave one morning when a Seattle Cancer Care Alliance advertisement aired on the radio. I felt that it was something worth exploring,” said Jamale, and she did just that. In researching more about the SCCA she discovered the Proton Therapy Center. At that moment, she knew in her heart it was the best option.

It wasn’t long until Jamale had her consultation with Dr. Smith Apisarnthanarax. From the initial greeting to discussing her diagnosis, Jamale felt that they truly cared about her as a person, not just as a patient. She explained, “Dr. A and the rest of the team knew my name, knew my exact case, and were very involved in hearing my story. I felt like a real person; I felt valued.”

Since then, Jamale has continued living her life through sharing hope, love and encouragement. She’s positive for the future and stands by her choice of going with proton therapy. “Dr. A and the rest of the staff at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center took excellent care of me during my treatments. They truly made a difficult situation a little easier through their professionalism and kindness. For that I am grateful.”

Her recommendation to other cancer patients? “Do your research and consider proton therapy.  I mean it. I don’t stand by things I don’t believe in, and I truly believe in proton therapy. It worked for me.”