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Spotlight on our Concierges

Spotlight on our Concierges

We take pride in our concierges, who create a warm, positive environment for our patients and their families, and get them oriented as to what to expect. They are the first to greet our patients, and the last to see them off, and they often go above and beyond their duties to do something extra special for patients as the opportunity arises.

Many of you have met our concierges Jill, Colton and Ryan. We’re also excited to have team added two new team members: Annie and Ian. Because they typically see patients every week day for an extended period of time, the team gets to know our patients very well during their daily interactions. And sometimes, opportunities to enrich the lives of our patients present themselves.


Annie Pontrelli and Ian Rice, our newest concierges

Recently, our concierges arranged a socially-distanced playdate between four of our youngest patients – all of whom were six- to eight-year-old girls. The girls brought in pumpkins to decorate and had a great time getting to know each other.

“The concierge team is wonderful! They went above and beyond to make sure that Raelyn and I felt welcome and comfortable!” says Chantel, the mother of one of the girls. “The day that we went in for pumpkin decorating was the turning point for Raelyn. After meeting the girls, that are now forever friends, she knew she wasn't alone and it helped her feel more comfortable in her situation.”

“This isn’t just a job for our staff,” says Patient Services Manager, April. “Each recognizes the difference they can make – in someone’s day, to their treatment experience as a whole, and on their life.  And they are always looking for the little extra they can do.” 

Earlier this year, our concierges arranged a pizza party for another group of four teenagers who were being treated at our Center at the same time. The girls first bonded because they were diagnosed with similar cancers at such a young age.

Watch their dance video here: /resources/Fab_Four_Dance_Party.mp4

Our concierges do so many extra little things, from  going all out for Halloween, putting together little Halloween trick-or-treat bags for our kids, decorating for holidays in general, selecting special books for our graduating kids, handwriting cards for graduating adults, and supporting patients with any needs that arise – from helping to find lodging to working out transportation issues. They always meet our patients with a smile and assess what might make their time more enjoyable. For instance, there used to be a patient who liked to do wall-sits for a minute after every treatment; Colton would join him each time.

“I have heard in so many different words, and seen via countless batches of thank-you cookies, just how the genuine thoughtfulness this team brings to every interaction completely flips patients’ expectations of radiation treatment on its head,” says April. “It is not uncommon to hear a departing patient say ‘I won’t miss coming here, but I’ll miss seeing you.’ The team strives each day to create an environment where this is true, for every person who walks through our doors.”

If you have stories to share, we’d love to hear about times when our concierge team was able to improve the situation for you. With COVID-19 restrictions, it’s difficult to plan get-togethers, but we look forward to helping our patients in other ways. So please don’t hesitate to approach our wonderful concierges.