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Craniopharyngioma Survivor: Scott Sikes

Craniopharyngioma Survivor: Scott Sikes

As a devoted husband and father of three, Scott’s life in Winston, Oregon was busy to say the least. Between working full-time as a mechanical manufacturing engineer and keeping up with very active kids, he was constantly on the go. Life was hectic and he loved every minute of it.

However, when Scott’s typically reserved demeanor began to suddenly change along with his vision in 2010, his wife began to suspect something was going on. After routine check-ups were unable to find a cause, a specialist discovered a large cyst pushing on his optic nerve during an MRI. Scott underwent several successful surgeries to drain and reduce the cyst, resolving his behavioral symptoms. It was during one of these procedures in 2013 that a tumor was discovered on his pituitary gland near the cyst.

After a fifth operation to remove as much of the cyst and tumor as possible, it was time to treat the remaining tumor. Scott’s neurosurgeon in Portland recommended proton therapy and referred him to Dr. Halasz at SCCA Proton Therapy Center as the best option to treat the tumor while sparing the nearby delicate brain tissue and optic nerve.

Scott began radiation at SCCA Proton Therapy in May and visited the Center every weekday for six weeks. Away from his family in a hotel for most of his treatments, Scott looked for ways to stay busy. With nearly no side effects from treatment other than some fatigue, he took up walking daily and even walked to and from the Center for every one of his 29 treatments.

When asked to reflect on his experience, like many patients, Scott discussed the sense of family among the patients and staff at the Center. “The staff at SCCA Proton Therapy made what should have been an uncomfortable situation, very comfortable. While I would prefer that no person would need to travel this path in the future, I have and will continue to share my positive experience with SCCA Proton Therapy and recommend it with all of my heart.”