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Russell Ealy - IT Specialist

Russell Ealy - IT Specialist

Russell Ealy works in Information Technologies at the Proton Therapy Center. Since he joined the center this past year, he has been helping to keep IT running smoothly. Ealy grew up in Zephyrhills, Florida, and joined the Army when he turned 18. While he was stationed at Fort Lewis he decided the Pacific Northwest would someday become his permanent home.

In the Army, Ealy ran communications networks. He deployed to Iraq during his six years of service, and again to Afghanistan as a contractor who trained soldiers in the use of Land Warrior technology, hardware and software meant to reduce friendly fire, which Ealy helped develop.

Later he earned a degree in management information systems at the University of New Mexico, and promptly returned to the Pacific Northwest for good.

“I love to travel,” says Ealy. “During non-COVID times, it’s pretty much all I want to do.” He was excited to get a job with Lindblad Expeditions, the National Geographic cruise line that was the first to take civilians to Antarctica. “As you can imagine, it was super fun to get to see Antarctica,” he says. He later worked for The Discovery Channel in Bellevue, which was also entertaining (pun intended).

In 2021 he decided he wanted to work in a field that had a meaningful impact on the lives of others. He found that the Proton Therapy Center met his criteria, so he applied and was hired about six months ago.

Ealy loves snowboarding, geocaching, playing Airsoft, and hiking. “I hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail every year. My favorite by far is the section around Goat Rocks and Old Snowy on the south side of Mt. Rainier.”

Goat Rocks


Old Snowy

When he and his partner, Allison, are kept inside, they enjoy the company of their dogs – Wicket and Snowy – and playing boardgames. “Stone Age and Ticket to Ride are our favorites,” Ealy says.

If you see Ealy at the Center, feel free to say hi and share Army stories – unless he is engaged in urgent IT business, that is. With technology systems that are integral to the entire Center, Ealy can get pretty busy!