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5 Questions with Thuy Nguyen, RN, BSN

5 Questions with Thuy Nguyen, RN, BSN

Meet Thuy (pronounced Twee), who joined our team last year as Clinical Nurse Manager. Thuy formerly worked at Swedish Medical Center for many years. Here are 5 Questions with Thuy.

What’s your role in patient care?

My role as a clinical nurse manager is to provide patient care by directly helping our patients with issues such as side effects, and indirectly by managing staffing and supplies. I take pride in ensuring that patients and families are getting the best and safest quality care.

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

The best part of work is to hear some of the cutest things our childhood cancer patients say, and to see their bravery while going through treatment. I also love hearing stories from patients and families at their graduation ceremony. I am in awe and feel inspired every time I hear how resilient and strong we are if we set our minds to it.

When did you learn about proton therapy?

When I started working for SCCA Proton Center. I became intrigued with the technology and positive results that it delivers. 

Do you have any fun hobbies?

I love to cook for friends and family, and also enjoy running, reading, traveling and trekking!

Tell us a good joke!

A proton and a neutron are walking down the street.
The proton says, "Wait, I dropped an electron! Help me look for it."
The neutron says "Are you sure?" The proton replies "I'm positive!"