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A Key Proton Therapy Partnership

A Key Proton Therapy Partnership

Practically since the cyclotron was invented in 1934, it has been applied to cancer treatment, using a precision proton beam to send ionizing radiation to blast tumors in a way that reduces overall radiation exposure. Today, SCCA Proton Therapy Center is the proud owner of a cyclotron made by IBA Group, the world’s largest provider of proton equipment—a full 65% of people treated with proton therapy get theirs from an IBA-manufactured system. Headquartered in Belgium, IBA has proton therapy systems installed in more than 30 centers around the world, including in China, Italy, Russia, Spain, Japan and United Arab Emirates—and of course, Seattle – and has been around for since 1986. It was the first company to introduce pencil beam scanning.

IBA was founded by Yves Jongen, who was nominated for the European Inventor Award in 2013. In 1991, IBA introduced the isochronous cyclotron, which today is the simplest and most effective way to produce 230 MeV protons, and in 2001, the first patient was treated at Massachsetts General Hospital by an IBA-installed system.

Our partnership with this key vendor and its reliable equipment ensures that our patients can get their treatments as scheduled. We look forward to a long relationship as IBA aims to fulfill its mission “to help the 20% of the radiation patients that could benefit from proton therapy.” (https://iba-worldwide.com/proton-therapy/home)