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Ellie's Postcards

Ellie's Postcards

Meet Ellie Walton, a three-year-old brain cancer patient.

Since her diagnosis at four months, she has had 17 surgeries and is on her eighth round of chemotherapy and radiation. But nothing proved as successful as proton therapy, her latest form of treatment.

In October of last year, Ellie underwent treatment at our center. Her tumor has shrunk drastically and now she is finishing up her final year of chemotherapy, to reduce the little amount of tumor that is left.

Ellie’s family has been overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers on social media, who have been flooding them with a sweet postcard campaign.

Their story was shared on KIRO 7 News: http://www.kiro7.com/news/three-year-old-flooded-with-support-postcards-after-brain-surgeries/111991273