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5 Questions with Dr. Jing Zeng

5 Questions with Dr. Jing Zeng

Dr. Jing Zeng is our physician who specializes in prostate cancer and lung and thoracic malignancies. She is very involved in research that aims to minimize side effects from radiation treatment. Here are our 5 Questions with Dr. Zeng.

What drew you to proton therapy?

As a radiation oncologist, I want to cure patients of their cancers while causing the least amount of harm possible. Proton therapy is an advanced technology that helps me achieve this goal.  

How does proton therapy affect your daily life?

It is very exciting to see patients receiving cancer treatment at the proton center and doing well, much better than they would be if they were receiving treatment with regular photon radiation.  

What made you chose medicine as your career?

I wanted to delicate my career to helping others. There are many ways to help people, but medicine is my calling.

What do you like to do with the family? Any favorite activities to suggest to others?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 3-year old son. As our son grows, his interests change month by month. At the moment, he is obsessed with trains, so we spend a lot of time building train tracks and playing with train sets.

Can you share a favorite recipe you and your family enjoy?

I love spicy food, and my favorite home recipe is a very spicy Chinese noodle soup. I can't share the family recipe, but if you add enough peppers to a beef broth, you will probably come close.