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5 Questions with Dr. Nicole Pelly

5 Questions with Dr. Nicole Pelly

Dr. Pelly is one of the anesthesiologists from Seattle Children's Hospital who work with our youngest patients. Children frequently have to undergo anesthesia for proton therapy because it can be difficult to lie perfectly still for the time it takes to administer this very precise treatment. Here is what Dr. Pelly had to say about the five questions we asked her.

Why did you choose your field of work?

I liked the immediacy of Anesthesiology - meeting a patient and having to connect and gain their trust very quickly and then taking care of them. Also, seeing them safely wake up and rejoin their families is wonderful. I always wanted to work with kids and our pediatric patients are such fun! Even in a difficult time, they are full of light and love and joy and they remind me to be the same.

What is most rewarding about your job?

Getting to know the families over a six-week period of time and participating in their hope for a cure!

What’s your proudest career moment?

When a little boy told me “I want to be an anesthesiologist like you when I grow up. You give kids medicines that make them feel good and get to wear pajamas to work!”

Tell us something we would never have guessed about you.

I visited all 7 continents within one year without even trying to! I started in Antarctica and realized after a few months of travel that I just needed to add Australia to my plans and I could make it to all seven within 365 days!

What is your favorite quote?

“Mitakuye Oyasin” – a Lakota phrase meaning “We are all related.”