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5 Questions with Dr. Christine Fang

5 Questions with Dr. Christine Fang

Dr. L. Christine Fang is our breast cancer specialist at SCCA Proton Therapy Center. She is researching novel radiation techniques to minimize radiation-induced side effects for breast cancer, as well as how to improve patients' quality of life. Here are our 5 Questions with Dr. Fang.

Explain your role at the proton therapy center.

I am currently the breast radiation oncologist at the proton center. I was one of the first two physicians that staffed the center when we opened our doors (along with Dr. Laramore), and in fact, I saw the very first consult we had here.

Any recent highlights in breast cancer to share?

One of the more significant evolutions in the way we treat breast cancer with radiation is the time frame in which we deliver the treatment. Historically, a standard course of radiation has been 5-7 weeks. Recent research seems to show that delivering the radiation more quickly (3-5 weeks) yields the same results and side effects. Being able to save 3 weeks of patients’ time can improve quality of life, so this is a really exciting change.

What do you like to do with the family?

With a family of seven, there is a wide range of opinions and preferences. The one thing that we all love is going out for some good sushi (yes, even the one year-old)! 

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Why?

Hawaii, because it is a special place—it is where my husband and I went on our first vacation together, where we went on our honeymoon. The Napali coast is one of the most magnificent sights I have seen, and is only more beautiful each time I see it. 

Can you share a favorite recipe your family enjoys?

One of our family’s special meals is a wine-braised English-style short rib. The short ribs are first covered in herbs and spices, then browned, then braised in 2 bottles of red wine for 5 hours. It is served over farfalle that has been sautéed with garlic and lemon zest. My husband and kids love this dish because it is delicious... but I think also because they know it is truly a labor of love.