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Dr. Smith Apisarnthanarax

Dr. Smith Apisarnthanarax

Meet Dr. Apisarnthanarax, or Dr. A as we like to call him. In this week's installment of 5 Questions, find out why he pursued medicine, which historical figure he would like to meet, and hear one hilarious Proton joke.

Why did you decide to be a doctor?

I’ve always felt that my purpose in life is to help others. Medicine, particularly oncology, was my calling to fulfill that purpose. As an oncologist, it is always an honor for patients to allow us to become a part of their life, to serve as a captain in guiding their way through the stormy voyage of fighting cancer.

Why are you passionate about proton therapy? 

I get excited about innovative treatment options that have the potential to improve upon a patients’ quality of life and cancer cure – protons offers exactly that. We have a lot to learn about how best to use proton therapy for certain patients, but I am honored to be a part of this journey to help lead this charge.

What about the new innovations at the Center - the ABC device, PBS in the gantry? How do these tools help you treat patients?

We are always striving to give the best individualized care here at our Center. I think the new technologies that we have implemented will, in short, allow us to not only treat more complicated and challenging tumors, but also treat in an even more precise way.

Is there someone you’d like to go back in time to meet? Why?  

Bruce Lee. He was an innovator, philosopher, and visionary who was successful in many aspects of his life, against many odds and obstacles.

Have you heard any good jokes lately? 

What’s more appropriate than a proton joke? An electron and a proton are in a bar. “Are you sure you won't have another drink?” asks the electron. “No,” replies the proton. “I'm positive!”