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Meet our RTT Alissa Wasson

Meet our RTT Alissa Wasson

One of our newest radiation therapists is Alissa, who joined our staff this past November. Alissa grew up "in the middle of nowhere" in Illinois, in a farming community of about 4,000 people. She got her degree in X-ray technology and, one week later, moved across the country to Washington. She has no plans ever to leave again! The only thing she misses about Illinois is the quiet country and the thunderstorms.

At Bellevue College, she decided to further her career by studying radiation therapy. "My heart is close to the radiation world," she says, "because both of my grandparents received radiation treatment for cancer, and that is what pushed me into this career. I absolutely love it!"

Alissa learned about proton therapy in school. Her class visited the Center for a day to observe proton treatment to understand how it differs from photon radiation therapy. As a result, she wanted to work here after graduation.

"I enjoy working with protons because I can help patients while keeping the side effects low, compared to photons. Protons also interest me because a lot of rare cancers are treated with them."

Alissa likes spending time with friends and family in her free time – her mother is close by in Tacoma -  and hiking and exploring this beautiful state. She's also planning her wedding to fiancé Kody this September at Stilly Brook Farm! They are incredibly excited about their honeymoon on Maui.

Alissa showing off her engagement ring!

"Kody recently graduated and works in respiratory therapy, so he has really been hands-on during this pandemic," says Alissa. So a nice holiday on Maui will be perfect for relaxing from all that.

Please say "hi" to Alissa if you see her working in Room 1 or the Gantry the next time you are here.

Alissa and Kody have a dog – Cooper – and a cat – Theodore.