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Meet Patient Navigator Chloe Tsudama

Meet Patient Navigator Chloe Tsudama

Chloe grew up south of beautiful Santa Cruz, CA – in Watsonville, a small agricultural town, where unpaved, one-lane roads are common and there are more tractors than busses. If you've ever seen or bought Driscoll's berries from the store, they might have been from her hometown. Chloe and her husband, Gabe, moved to Seattle during the smoky summer of 2017 and fell in love with the area. They love experiencing seasonal changes and are especially fond of the PNW weather.

The two of them live in Ballard with their dogs Fenton and Celia. Before COVID hit, they liked to explore the city, but now they take simple pleasure in visiting new dog parks. "The dogs make sure we get out of the house for walks multiple times a day, and I haven't gotten tired of looking at all the beautiful houses and gardens," says Chloe. She also enjoys taking in vistas and photographing fungi!

Luckily, Chloe also enjoys home-bound activities she can enjoy during COVID. "I enjoy baking vegan treats, doing yoga workouts at home, listening to podcasts, spending time with Gabe, watching fancy cooking videos that I likely won't attempt, and cross-stitching," she explains, laughing. "I'm hoping that once it's safer to get out and about, I'll get to peruse my beloved Swanson's Nursery again and bulk up my collection of houseplants."

Chloe loves working with and getting to know people. "I have worked as a sexual health coordinator, eligibility and outreach specialist for homeless adults, and as a Family Resources Coordinator for kids with disabilities," she says. "Each position has allowed me to tie together snippets of the human experience! I think this might be why I'm enjoying the Patient Navigator position so much: talking with patients and assisting in making the healthcare process a smoother, more enjoyable one is really rewarding."

Chloe’s goals for 2021 are to keep learning from her colleagues’ expertise, and to make sure that she contributes to process improvements and elevates the patient experience here.