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Meet Jen Flanner, PA-C

Meet Jen Flanner, PA-C

Jen Flannery, our physician assistant, has called Washington her home since 2005. She lives in Brier, Washington, with her husband, Andrew, their daughter, Anja, and their son, Soren.


Jen with her children and with her husband.

Jen got her degree in Health Information Management at Ithaca College, and after graduating, worked for the National Institutes of Health providing doctors and medical researchers with protocol information. But she soon realized she wanted to work directly with patients. She went to Duke University to become a physician assistant. In the interim, she began her medical career as an EMT.

While driving an ambulance was fun, Jen says, “I would love the chance to drive a race car! I bet that’s way slicker than driving an ambulance.”

Although Jen worked with many patients — in the emergency room, reconstructive surgery and medical oncology — her patient care was mostly acute, meaning that she only saw patients for short amounts of time. Because oncology was her preferred field, she started looking for work that allowed for longer patient contact and a chance to build relationships with people.

“I think I found the right work here at the Proton Therapy Center,” she says.

At the Proton Therapy Center, Jen’s main role is to help build and nurture the prostate survivorship program, which means she sees patients in follow-up clinics and helps with any urgent care needs. She will also develop programs for survivors, such as the Prostate Dinner Club, a monthly gathering of past, current and prospective proton therapy patients and their partners.

“Survivorship means so many things,” she says, “but the main point is that survivorship is a unique and ongoing experience for each patient and their loved ones. We want to help our prostate patients, and all patients, aspects of their lives that were important before cancer and also to find new pathways forward following treatment.”

About the Prostate Dinner Club:

The Prostate Dinner Club (PDC), managed by Cancer Lifeline’s Basha Brownstein, meets the fourth Wednesday of the month from 5:30–7 pm. Due to pandemic restrictions, the PDC is temporarily being held virtually. However, there’s still plenty of socializing and learning. The meetings are open to anyone, including men with a prostate cancer diagnosis who would like to learn more about proton therapy, prostate cancer patients treated at the center, and their spouses. In August, Linda Portnoy, MA, will give a presentation on meditation, but we offer a variety of topics such as fitness, yoga, meatless entrees, fly fishing and many science topics. We would like to hear from our patients on what they would like to hear more about. Please contact Basha Brownstein at BBrownstein@cancerlifeline.org.