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Meet Shayleen Van Thiel, our Compliance Manager

Meet Shayleen Van Thiel, our Compliance Manager

Shayleen Van Thiel is our Quality, Compliance & Research Manager. She works with staff to continuously improve the Center’s processes in order to create the best patient experience possible, and ensure that the Center is meeting all regulatory requirements. She is focused on making sure every patient has a safe and efficient experience from the time they contact us through their last visit.

Before she joined us, Shayleen worked as a project manager for Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. She partnered with the Heart Institute and Children’s Hospital to implement both clinical and non-clinical projects. She has also worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital as a continuous performance improvement consultant, where she partnered with different areas of the hospital to improve processes in order to create a better patient experience. Before she joined the healthcare world, Shayleen worked for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as an event manager. At the time, their current campus was being designed, and she was one of the many people working on the planning details, such as overseeing the creation of new processes and workflows for the event spaces on campus.

Shayleen is originally from Hillsboro, Oregon, which she remembers as the perfect combination of big city, small town, and countryside. “As a kid, my friends and I could walk to the movie theater, ride our bikes to the swimming pool, all while being in close proximity to Portland and its big city amenities like the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry,” says Shayleen. “There was also a lot of farm land in the area. One of my first jobs was picking berries. I had friends who raised horses, sheep, and rabbits. We had fun sleep-overs that involved horseback riding or shearing sheep. There was always an adventure to be had growing up.”

When she was 18, Shayleen moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, and she’s remained here for most of her adult life. “Since 2013, I did take a couple of detours – one to Italy and one to Spokane. Both were due to work opportunities – one for my husband and one for me,” says Shayleen. In fact, Italy is one of her big loves. Some of her favorite places are Süd Tyrol, Sardinia, Bologna, Turin, and Florence. She loves hearing Italian spoken, traveling, meeting new people, a good cup of coffee, a great glass of red wine, gelato… and she is working to perfect a homemade pizza!

Shayleen and her husband, Keith, on a hike.

But Italy isn’t the only place for her, her husband and their two dogs. They love Seattle and its mountains, and to go for long hikes and campouts, taking in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets – right here in the Pacific Northwest. Their dogs love it, too.

Shayleen's dogs - Maddy and Mina.

“When I was looking for my next opportunity, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance was at the top of my list,” says Shayleen. “Because I had previously worked at Seattle Children’s, I was aware of all of the great work that the SCCA has done over the years.” Being part of a mission-driven organization and helping patients seeking cancer treatment is important to her. Like most people, Shayleen has had friends and family who have been affected by cancer.

“In all honesty, I was aware of traditional radiation therapy, but I had not heard of proton therapy prior to seeing the job posting. I quickly became interested in proton therapy as I started to learn more about it. The idea that there is a radiation treatment that can reduce side-affects and save healthy tissue is exciting! And, as an added bonus, I’ve earned some coolness credibility with my engineer husband who thinks the science behind proton therapy is very, very cool!”

We are happy to have Shayleen as part of our team in bringing excellent cancer care to our patients. If you see Shayleen while at the Center, please say hello.