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Resha - Patient Navigator

Resha - Patient Navigator

Resha is one of our dedicated Patient Navigators, a job she loves because, she says, "It is someone who advocates for the patient, always, throughout their entire cancer treatment." Our patient navigators coordinate the exchange of records, collect information for evaluating patient cases, and schedule consultations. They also assist with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid coverage, and cost management. But they do so much more, making sure you are well taken care of during your time at the Center.

Resha grew up in West Seattle, where she attended Chief Sealth High School, and hung out with friends at the Delridge Community Center. Family is especially important to her. She is the oldest of five siblings, and they are a very tight-knit group. She and her daughter, her mother and her four younger brothers all live within 20 minutes of each other. “They strive to make sure I am happy, and I can always count on her them to push me to be the best version of myself,” she explains.

She’s very close to her mother, who is her superhero. "She went through a lot as a child – losing her own mother at age two, never having Christmas celebrations or other small things we take for granted. Yet it never affected the way she loves and cares for people. She’s taught me to keep my head held high and strive for whatever my heart desires. I love that about her."

Resha and her mom, Maxine.

Ma’Liyah, Resha's daughter, just turned seven in March. "She's my reason for striving so hard to excel and to be happy with the work I provide on a daily basis," she says. Because Ma’Liyah is such an outgoing kid, Resha would like to take her traveling more, specifically to her daughter’s latest destination wish list: California and Hawaii. “My plan is to get her there before the end of this year,” she says. So far, they both loved their trip to Miami best, because of their excellent zoo and aquarium, where you can even get on boat rides. Travel, hanging out with family, and eating are some of Resha's favorite things to do.

Resha and Ma'Liyah. 

Resha has been in the medical field for eight years and is a certified EPIC trainer. Our Center is transitioning to the EPIC software platform for all our electronic patient records, so Resha is in a great position to help her coworkers make a smooth transition. She enjoys her work as a trainer, and her goal is to become an EPIC analyst in the next few years. Though working remotely for now, we hope you will get to say "hi" to Resha when you are at the Center soon.