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Become a Patient Advocate

Become a Patient Advocate

For patients recently diagnosed with cancer, determining what type of treatment is best can be overwhelming. Here at SCCA Proton Therapy Center, we pair prospective patients with proton therapy graduates to help them understand what they might experience from someone who has been through the treatment.

That’s where our Patient Advocates come in.

Patient Advocates are previous proton therapy graduates who can share their experience going through proton therapy with potential patients. As much as we can, we connect potential patients with patients who’ve been treated for the same or a similar disease site, or have other characteristics in common, such as location or even hobbies.

“Rather than only hearing from doctors or medical professionals, potential patients are grateful for the opportunity to speak to past graduates,” says Communications & Outreach Manager Meredith Fane. “We find patients feel more confident and empowered in their decision making after speaking to someone who has been through it.” In fact, we refer an average of three potential patients a week to speak with a patient advocate. “And our graduates feel inspired by the chance to pay it forward,” adds Fane.

So, how does one become a Patient Advocate?

Patients who are interested in becoming advocates attend a training session and agree to talk with potential patients about their experience with proton therapy. They may also share their experience with community or church groups. If you would like to become a Patient Advocate, please contact Meredith Fane at meredith.fane@seattleprotons.org.

If you would like to connect with survivors at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center, please call 206-306-2028.

To learn more about patient programs, please visit www.sccaprotontherapy.com/survivor-stories/connect-with-survivors.