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ACRO Certified!

ACRO Certified!

For the past year, SCCA Proton Therapy Center has been working towards accreditation by the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO), and we’re happy to report that on December 1, 2016 we were granted full accreditation. And we received glowing reviews! The surveyors were very impressed with our records. 

Founded in 1990, ACRO’s mission is to ensure the highest quality of care possible in radiation oncology, and they developed an accreditation program consisting of practice standards for radiation oncology that includes an audit of institutions seeking accreditation to assure that standards are followed.  

Currently, there are only three ACRO Accredited Proton Therapy Centers in the United States, and one of them is SCCA Proton Therapy Center.

SCCA Proton Therapy Center excels in the delivery of proton therapy. The accreditation process reviewed medical records, treatment plans, physics QA records, policies and procedures and administrative records. The entire team at the Center works diligently to ensure that our practices meet the highest standards of quality and safety.   

Says Annika Andrews, President & CEO, “The staff has done a great job here in creating an exceptional patient experience that is rooted in an outstanding commitment to excellence in everything we do - an unrelenting attention to all aspects of the care delivery process  - and the surveyors were quick to acknowledge it!”

To learn more about ACRO, please visit https://www.acro.org/accreditation/