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Video: Proton Therapy for Ocular Melanoma

Video: Proton Therapy for Ocular Melanoma

We are proud of the ocular melanoma program we've developed here at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center. Our program is unique in that it has been designed in close collaboration with ocular oncologists and radiation oncologists with ocular expertise. Our ocular melanoma team includes Dr. Lia Halasz, Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology at UW Medicine, who draws on her experience from MGH, Dr. Andrew Stacey, Assistant Professor, Ocular Oncology at UW Medicine, and Dr. Ramesh Rengan, Professor, Radiation Oncology at UW Medicine and Medical Director at SCCA Proton Therapy Center. These three work closely together to treat patients seeking care through our ocular program. In addition to the expertise of this partnership, patients will also benefit from specialized chair positioning, and a treatment completed in just 5 fractions. 

When diagnosed with ocular melanoma, cancer patients have two main treatment options: surgery or radiation. Proton therapy has been a revolutionary form of radiation treatment as it doesn’t require removal of the eye. With a tumor in such a small, sensitive structure as an eye, millimeters matter. The pin-point accuracy of proton therapy allows the oncologists to deliver the treatment directly to the tumor, without damage to the cornea, lens, retina, fovea, or optic nerve. 

Dr. Rengan and Dr. Stacey talk about our collaboration in a new video featuring patient Bob Martin. Thanks to his treatment at SCCA Proton Therapy Center, a cancer-free future is in sight.

To learn more about our Ocular Melanoma Program, please visit our ocular cancers page.


Dr. Rengan, Dr. Stacey and Bob Martin speak about the benefits of proton therapy for ocular melanoma.