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Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial for Lung Cancer

Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial for Lung Cancer

SCCA Proton Therapy Center is participating in the first clinical trial designed to compare proton chemoradiotherapy to photon chemoradiotherapy in treating non-small cell lung cancer.

“Our Center is dedicated to help determine where protons can benefit patients the most.” says Ramesh Rengan, MD, Radiation Oncologist and Associate Professor at the University of Washington Medical Center. “The gold standard for evidence is the Phase III randomized trial, and we hope that this trial will establish a new standard of care for patients and expand access to proton therapy.”

In addition to chemotherapy, patients will be randomized into 1 of 2 treatment arms to receive either proton or photon therapy. Both types of radiation therapy will be given 5 days per week for a total of 35 fractions. Radiation oncologists will evaluate the overall survival of patients with stage II-IIIB non-small cell lung cancer that cannot be surgically removed.

As for secondary outcome measures, researchers will compare the 2-year progression-free survival rate, any adverse events, the cost effectiveness of treatment, as well as any changes in pulmonary function. Researchers will also evaluate the differences in quality of life based upon the development of a sore throat at the end of chemoradiotherapy, as well as breathing related functioning impairments.

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