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Center Celebrates 3 Years

Center Celebrates 3 Years

On March 17, we celebrated our third anniversary with a special reception. More than 50 doctors and leaders in the medical community came together for a toast in celebration of all that has been accomplished and all the work we have yet to do. Attendees included CEO and President Annika Andrews, Medical Director Dr. Ramesh Rengan and former brain cancer patient Ronnie Castro, who spoke about his experience with protons. SCCA Proton Therapy Center has treated nearly 1000 patients with various disease types from 17 states and 4 countries. Our dedicated staff has made advancements in technology and procedure, as well as expanded our clinical trials offerings. We now treat ocular cancers as well. SCCA Proton Therapy Center remains the only proton therapy facility in a 1000-mile radius, despite many more proton therapy centers coming online around the country. 


Hear what Dr. Rengan had to say at the event.