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Childhood Cancer Specialists Work Towards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Childhood Cancer Specialists Work Towards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Behind-the-scenes photo of the gantry.

Pediatric radiation oncologist Dr. Ralph Ermoian and radiation oncology chief resident Dr. Molly Blau are working to connect with middle and high school students from the Seattle area and share with them career choices available in science, technology, engineering and math. 

The Center is a great place for students to see these subjects in action.                

The initiative at the Center focuses on schools that serve underrepresented populations, starting with Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. Their Career Club will tour the Center in September and speak with our staff. The visits will be an opportunity for students of color to interact with professionals of color who work in healthcare.

“Not only do students get to see some of the physical engineering marvels at the Center – such as the 110-ton, 30-foot-tall gantry,” says Dr. Ermoian, “they can also meet our staff, who come from a wide diversity of socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds.”

During visits to the Center, students will increase their awareness of potential career paths in the medical field. “We have so many highly technical healthcare-related careers at the proton therapy center that the public – including these students – should see,” says Dr. Blau.  

Dr. Ermoian and Dr. Blau are anticipating that this will be the first of many more opportunities for our Center to expose underrepresented students in our community to careers in healthcare.