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Spotlight on the Goodtimes Project

Spotlight on the Goodtimes Project

Every year, our Center sponsors a number of organizations in the cancer realm – from support organizations to research and grant foundations. This year, we are focusing many of our sponsorships on childhood cancer groups, such as The Goodtimes Project.

The Goodtimes Project is a 501(c)3 that provides free programming for children with cancer and survivors, as well as their siblings and families. Their biggest program is Camp Goodtimes, a traditional sleep-away camp held in the summer. It serves about 200 cancer patients, survivors, and siblings each summer. But camp isn’t the only thing the organization does.

Kids at in-person Camp Goodtimes a few years ago.

“About eight to ten years ago, we started adding programs, and now we offer programming throughout the year. We have some great opportunities for kids and young adults of all ages now, including a five-day kayak trip in the San Juan Islands for young adult cancer survivors, and a ski trip to White Pass for siblings,” says Bridget Dolan, Executive Director.

Bridget Dolan, Executive Director

Every program is designed to create connections with other children and families affected by cancer, to build their support communities. So especially during the isolating COVID pandemic, The Goodtimes Project made sure to be there for their constituents.

“We created more than 540 hours of virtual programming and sent out more than 400 care packages to participants,” says Ms. Dolan. “We did not cancel any programming in 2020. In 2021, our programming is a combination of virtual and in-person, using family pods programming for in-person events.”

In addition to all these programs, The Goodtimes Project offers a number of one-day events, such as curling at the North Seattle Curling Club, a pizza-making class with Chef Ethan Stowell, a day at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center with the Seahawks, and a holiday cruise with Argosy Cruises. They provide programming for close to 1,000 participants each year.

“Sponsorships and donations are what make this possible,” says Ms. Dolan. “The funds raised by event sponsorships such as the Center’s are included in our general operating budget and used to make sure all programming is funded and we can serve as many children and families affected by childhood cancer as we can. We are so grateful to our donors.”

Each year their programs happen because of an amazing volunteer community. They have opportunities throughout the year ranging from single day events, to a nine-day commitment at Camp Goodtimes, to fundraising event planning committees. In addition, if individuals want to help monetarily, they can donate by visiting https://www.thegoodtimesproject.org/ways-to-give. They welcome donations as well as purchases off their Amazon Wish List.

Ms. Dolan’s involvement with the Goodtimes Project started when she volunteered to be a camp counselor. When she wasn’t able to commit to a week-long summer stint anymore, she joined thr Goodtimes Gala planning committee, their prime fund-raising event. Then, in 2017, she joined the Board of Directors and ultimately became the Project’s Executive Director.

“It’s my dream job,” she says of it. “Our goal is to make our programs and events as accessible as possible. They are all cost-free, and we even try to remove whatever barriers we can so that campers can attend. I just love that we involve siblings, because, though it may not be physical, they have a cancer experience of their own.”

To find out more about The Goodtimes Project’s programming, and to register for events, visit https://www.thegoodtimesproject.org/camps or click on the programs tab. Follow them on Facebook at @thegoodtimesproject. Registration for summer programming is closed for this year, but starting this fall there will be plenty of other opportunities open for registration.

Please sign up to receive notifications on registration for Camp Goodtimes through https://www.thegoodtimesproject.org/opt-in.