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A Young Boy's Legacy Lives On

A Young Boy's Legacy Lives On

Two years ago, we had the privilege of treating Wyatt, a very compassionate and energetic boy. Wyatt had been diagnosed with a tennis ball-sized brain cancer. He was only ten, but after many months of surgery and proton therapy for a metastasis of his original tumor, and knowing that his time was limited, Wyatt decided he would spend the remainder of his life committed to making other kids with cancer feel better.

He had received various gifts while staying at a hospital which made him feel more at ease, so he decided to embark on a similar project, which ultimately became a program called Wyatt’s Comfort Bundles. The bundles include blankets, pillow cases, beanies and sometimes toys. The team gives them to children who are fighting cancer and are designed to provide much-needed comfort and a piece of home.

Wyatt’s mother, Emily, told us a bit about how the community has come together to help create the bundles. “We have had many friends, family members and neighbors, and even youth and church groups and an Elks lodge, who have donated money, fabric for blankets and pillowcases, beanies, socks, toys and stuffed animals. Wyatt's grandparents, and his extended family, his classmates, good friends, teachers and counselors, and even some people we didn’t know before have been so willing to help cut fabric, sew pillowcases, cut and tie blankets, crochet beanies, and help assemble bundles. We are very grateful for the help of so many volunteers to make Wyatt's Comfort Bundles possible.” 

One of Wyatt's lovely Comfort Bundles.

As the project gained momentum, some people donated toys such as Legos and card games. In December 2019, Wyatt was able to add a toy to every bundle. So far, the Wyatt’s Comfort Bundles team has delivered more than 500 packages to hospitals and clinics in Utah—where the family is from – as well as to SCCA Proton Therapy Center. They plan to send bundles to Seattle Children’s Hospital as Wyatt’s family continues his legacy today.

Our Child Life Specialist, Erin, receives the comfort bundles at the Center.

Although Wyatt knew his time was limited, one of his goals was to live long enough to see the new Star Wars movie—The Rise of Skywalker—which was released in December 2019. Because of his dream, a grassroots effort began to make his wish come true, a dream that was granted when people at Lucasfilm, the movie’s production company, heard about the effort and sent Wyatt to see the movie before its public release! Unfortunately, Wyatt died shortly after, on January 14, 2020.

Wyatt sporting his Star Wars cap, about to see The Rise of Skywalker with his great aunt and mother.

This month, to celebrate what would have been Wyatt’s 13th birthday, his comfort bundles team delivered almost 40 packages to our Center to hand out to other children facing cancer. In this way, we celebrate sweet, compassionate Wyatt into the future. If you would like to donate to Wyatt’s Comfort Bundles, please check out their Facebook page. https://bit.ly/37oU0ZP